Little Things Jar

Want to keep this weekend interesting with your partner, but running low on ideas? We’ve got 11 plans ready for you in this little jar. Pick one today spontaneously and find out what you two are in for.

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Carefully handcrafted, these pretty message jars are a perfect gift to let someone know how special they are. These are decorated with cute charms, coloured sand and rocks to make them look exquisite

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2.5 inch (Diameter), 3 inch (length)


cloth, Glass (Jar), Paper (scroll/display message), sand (different elements), stone


4 x 2.5 inch


Since the message jars are handmade, they might vary in few elements from the given picture.


1.Let’s recreate our first date
2.How about a trip down the memory lane
3. __________What do you want it to be?
4.How about a cook off?
5.Time for a classic
7.Time to catch up with old friends
8.Let’s have that long pending talk
9. Why not surprise each other?
10.It’s a perfect day for a quick Romantic Getaway
11.Let’s Netflix and Chill


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